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Topic: Infinite Loop script for Stanford GPU mem stresstests memtestG80/CL


because I use my GPU for encoding and I noticed suspicious behaviour of my graphics card I looked for a reliable stresstest for openCL which in contrast to regular benchmark stresstests like furmark, that try to crash the system, finds out any computing error my card does.

I found MemtestG80 and MemtestCL from Stanford University:
-MemtestG80 is for Nvidia Cuda devices
-MemtestCL is for ATI and Nvidia OpenCL devices
They work similar to memtest86+ for CPU's.

But those tests have one problem: they aren't made for infinite loop testing, they only run once for a few minutes, which is unsuitable for reliable stress testing.
Also they can't easily be run by a script in an infinite loop, because they always ask to hit a key, when the test cirlcle is done.

So I created a more complex script to use those tools to test reliability of GPU memory:

Attachments include the tools with my additional scripts.



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