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Topic: Show IDR and GOP structure

Hi, I have been using the below command on Mac to show the GOP structure of an H.264 file, for example.
ffprobe -show_frames -pretty "path to input" | grep 'pict_type\|coded_picture_number'

I have 2 questions:

Question 1. How would I run this command on windows?

I have also been using this command to show the IDR frames (thanks Selur):
FrameCounter.exe "path to input" list 2> listing.txt

Question 2.  Is there a way I could use ffprode to show the IDR frames as well as I, P and B frames?

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Re: Show IDR and GOP structure

regading question 2:

ffprobe -show_frames "path to input" | grep 'pict_type'

should show all picture types

regarding question 1:

ffprobe -show_frames  "f:\TestClips&Co\test.avi" | findstr pict_type

will output all picture types
(there is no 'grep' on Windows, but there is findstr)

Not sure if there is a way to differentiate between IDR and I-frames using ffprobe nowadays.

Cu Selur


Re: Show IDR and GOP structure

Thats great, thanks for your response, shame ffprobe can't show IDR.