Topic: Extracting subtitles from mp4 video

I need to extract subtitles from mp4 and I used ffmpeg but it doesn't work.
I want to extract the subtitles of this video
In the command line I got this: Output file does not contain any stream.
Any suggestions ? Thank you.


Re: Extracting subtitles from mp4 video

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Any suggestions ?

That is a video with hardcoded subtitles, so it doesn't contain a subtitle stream you would have to use some tool which uses OCR to extract the subtitles.

ffmpeg does have a filter (ocr) which uses tesseract to extract subtitles, but I have never tried that.
Tools like Subtitle Edit, SupRip and similar also can ocr subtitles from video files (depending on the tool you will have to install some other tools  and filters for this).
There should be guides for all this throughout the Internet. smile

Cu Selur