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Topic: [SOLVED] ffmpeg | x265 VS ffmpeg

Hi Selur,

May be you can help me here, what are advantages (like a better result for example) to use

ffmpeg -i input -pix_fmt yuv444p -f yuv4mpegpipe - | x265.exe --input - --y4m --output output

instead of

ffmpeg -i input -pix_fmt yuv444p -c:v libx265 output

I saw often the first command, in Hybrid also, but with a bit of tests, the result is exactly the same for I/P/B frame numbers, and differ only of 20 B/s for I frame (but, I assume this difference should not be taken into account). I took x265, but it's probably the same for others.


Re: [SOLVED] ffmpeg | x265 VS ffmpeg

Personally I prefer to use a separate x265 instance because:
a. compiling x265 is a lot easier than to compile a whole ffmpeg
b. I can switch to a newer x265 version without a problem and do not have to wait till a new option is supported by ffmpeg
c. I can re-use the decoder (ffmpeg) part to use with other encoders
-> no real advantage


Re: [SOLVED] ffmpeg | x265 VS ffmpeg

Thank you for your answer, I got it.