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Hi, I just wanted to ask you if it is possible to add "Waifu2x" as a noise filter and as upscale method.
I don't know if you already know it, but it's a program expressly designed to remove noise from "anime" styled images and videos (it kinda works on normal videos too), it uses neural network, and CUDA technology, and it works great in my opinion!

This is their demo site: http://waifu2x.udp.jp/      from witch you can try the program online, on the page there is also the link to their github.

I don't know how resonable my request is, but i hope you can at least give the program a try and see if it's woth it.

Keep it up with your awesome software!


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Waifu2x-w2xc  is already supported as Resizer when Vapoursynth is used (Filtering->Vapoursynth->Line->Resizer), but at least for me (on a Ryzen 7 1800x and Geforce GTX 980ti) it seems way to slow for any useful usage.
I thought also about supporting Waifu2x-caffe, but reading:

Requires cudnn64_5.dll (cuDNN v5.1) to be in the search path. Due to the license of cuDNN, I can't distribute the required dll file. You have to register and download yourself at https://developer.nvidia.com/cudnn.

killed that idea,...

-> to me Waifu2x seems to be nice for stills but at least the version I could distribute seems way to slow to be usable with video.

Cu Selur

Ps.: NNEDI3 seems to be more usable to me.


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Oh I see.
Since I saw vapoursynth isn't enabled by default, how do I enable it?


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-> http://forum.selur.de/post14347.html#p14347


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Thank you smile


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If you stumble over a bug or a newer/faster/better version of Waifu2x (that I can distribute with Hybrid, without violating any license restrictions) please let me know.

Cu Selur


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I'll surely do it! Thanks smile