Topic: Hybrid and styling,..

For those who are into styling: Yes, Hybrid does support styling. (it always did smile)

Here's a small example:
Download the attached "black-blue_plastique.qss" and copy it next to your Hybrid then start Hybrid with:

Hybrid -style plastique -stylesheet=black-blue_plastique.qss

and your Hybrid version should look similar to the attached screenshot.

If a bunch of people are interested in styling, I can add some functionality in Hybrid to switch between external styles.

Cu Selur

Ps.: Here are the basic links about styling Qt applications:
https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/style … mples.html
https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/style … rence.html

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Re: Hybrid and styling,..

I'll have to give this a try, the black/blue styling looks awesome.

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Re: Hybrid and styling,..

I agree, this styling looks great!

You can also try Hybrid -style cleanlooks -stylesheet black-blue_plastique.qss


The coffe.qss stylesheet is not as beautiful as black-blue_platique.qss, but it gives Hybrid a really clear look:

Try: Hybrid -style windows -stylesheet coffee.qss
Or: Hybrid -style default -stylesheet coffee.qss

EDIT: Removed the " = " in cli commands


Re: Hybrid and styling,..

btw. the = is not needed. smile
And here's an example of dark-blue_plastique extended by:

QTextBrowser {
  background-image: url(./darkflower.jpg)

(+ copied darkflower.jpg next to the dark-blue_plastique.qss)
Hybrid -style plastique -stylesheet black-blue_plastique.qss

also if your style sheet contains spaces make sure to put it into quotes, in example:

Hybrid -style plastique -stylesheet "my new style.qss"

Um noch ein Beispiel zu haben, habe ich analog noch:

QTreeWidget {
  background-image: url(./darkflower.jpg)

hinzugefügt, wodurch man in der JobQueue das Bild hat,...

Cu Selur

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Re: Hybrid and styling,..

... and here is my 1st.qss, a modified "black-blue_plastique.qss" mixed with the "coffe.qss".
Use the -style cleanlooks. Looks better ...

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Re: Hybrid and styling,..

Happy to see someone has some fun with the styling. smile


Re: Hybrid and styling,..

Always trying to make the UIs of programs darker.
My eyes getting tired from the whiteness of a big screen ;o)

BTW, is there a way to load the qss files through the GUI?


Re: Hybrid and styling,..

Yeah,.. an undocumented one. smile
Create 'styles'-folder inside your 'Hybrid'-folder, put your stylesheet there and you should be able to select your stylesheet under "Config->Internals->Style sheet"


Re: Hybrid and styling,..

I had already created a styles folder with the styles inside ...
I just didn't know about the setting :o)