Topic: x265_ml download?

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Does anyone know of a dl location to get the always up to date, latest, compiled windows version of x265_ml.exe?

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Re: x265_ml download?

if you want always up-do-date, best option is probably to build them yourself in example using:

That aside:
http://msystem.waw.pl/x265/ offers 8bit&10bit inside a single binary (x265.exe – 8bit+10bit encoder (needs libx265_main12.dll for 12bit encoding)), wouldn't recommend 12 bit at all.
Also a bunch of folks post fresh binaries over at  http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/3577 … ngw-builds

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Re: x265_ml download?

Thanks! Just wondering, why you don't recommend 12 Bit?


Re: x265_ml download?

a. it doesn't really improve the quality much
b. it's not properly tested and optimized
c. it's buggy (due to b.)

Cu Selur