Topic: No more interface?

Hi Selur -

Not sure what happened but this morning I wanted to open Hybrid and I got this window (see attached).
Even the "Are you sure you want to close Hybrid" window is looking like this.

Any idea?

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Re: No more interface?

Nope, first time I see such a window. smile
Only thing I can thing of is if somehow every text is removed.
This looks like something messed up the qt related dlls or is forcing some style sheet which blanks all texts.

Cu Selur


Re: No more interface?

Thanks Selur -

should I re-install?


Re: No more interface?

I don't think a reinstall will fix it, but you can try.
My current guess is that you installed something that somehow interferes with the qt framework dlls.

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Re: No more interface?

Hmm... Tried to think of it, but I didn't install anything since Friday when I used hybrid last.
And re-installing, didn't help.

If it helps, I used this machine as a remote desktop via Google Remote desktop before I did my last conversion. Then I shut it down.



Re: No more interface?

I really got no clue. sad
btw. will release a new version in ~ 1/2 hour, which used Qt 5.9 maybe that will help somehow,..

Cu Selur


Re: No more interface?

Thanks, Selur -
By Qt, you mean quicktime?


Re: No more interface?

Ok, I downloaded and installed version 2017.04.10.1

Same issue. Should uninstall Hybrid completely and try re-installing afresh? Will my presets be lost?



Re: No more interface?

Not quicktime. smile Qt -> https://www.qt.io/ is a programming framework for cross-platform development. smile

When you uninstall Hybrid you are asked whether your presets and settings should be removed.
+ In general you can simply install the newest release over your old version, in case that should not work I write a comment into the release noted. smile
Change logs of all the releases can be seen in the update thread and on the changelogpage.

Cu Selur


Re: No more interface?

Good news: after I re-booted the machine this morning, Hybrid started working again!
The funny thing was that I noticed that the Hybrid logo on the splash screen was back to it's full sized resolution. yesterday it was smaller and with jagged edges (almost no anti-aliased). I suspect it had to do something with the screen resolution that Google Remote Desktop automatically sets the machine to when accessed remotely.
Plus, also I noticed this morning when I booted the machine, Windows went into a "windows is scanning and repairing the disk" mode. So yes - re-boots will solve a lot of the world's problems.
Thanks again!



Re: No more interface?

After some thought it might be that Qt is using some hardware acceleration/overlays to show the text so chaning the resolution might have caused and later fixed the problem.

Cu Selur