Topic: Infos about fixed bugs etc. in the next release,...

For the next release:


  • x265: aq-motion on/off switched

  • x265: disabling 'fast 1st pass' causes '--multi-pass-opt-rps', '--multi-pass-opt-analysis' and  '--multi-pass-opt-distortion' to appear twice.

  • avisynth: 16bit handling

  • gui: 'always stay on top' accidentally disabled the 'close'-button and might hide the 'confirm close'-dialog behind the main window

  • nvenc: adjusted to latest NVEncC version which should also fix the encoding to a specific level.

If you are struggling with one of the above problems, send me a PM and tell me which OS you are using and I can send you a download link for one of the current development builds, where the problem is hopefully fixed.