Topic: [Info] About profiles and saving settings,....

Hybrid offers multiple option to save stuff:

  • Defaults, default values which get automatically loaded when Hybrid is started

    • Reload a default settings: Config->Defaults->Reload->Reload All Models

    • Reset to Hybrids default settings: Config->Defaults->Reset->Reset All Models

    • Save the current settings as defaults: Config->Defaults->Save->Save All Models

    • If you want Hybrid to automatically save the current settings on close as Defaults, you need to enable: Config->Profiles-YAuto save defaults

  • Global Profiles, like the defaults a global profile cotains all settings in the you, but unlike the defaults it will not be automatically loaded

    • Save a gloial profile: Config->Profiles->Global Profiles->Save

    • Apply a global profile: Config->Profiles->Global Profiles->Apply

    • Delete a global profile: Config->Profiles->Global Profiles->Delete

  • Specific Profiles, contain either audio or video configurations of a specific tab, here is an example for the x264 tab:

    • Save x264 settings: x264->Configuration->Save

    • Apply x264 settings: x264->Configuration->Apply

    • Delete x264 settings: x264->Configuration->Delete

  • AV-Combo-Profiles, combine an audio and video profile

    • Save an AV-Combo profile: Config->Profiles->AV-Combo Create->Save

    • Apply an AV-Combo profile: Main->Apply AV Combo

    • Delete an AV-Combo profile: Config->Profiles->AV-Combo Create->Delete

    • Modify an AV-Combo profile: Config->Profiles->AV-Combo Create->Edit

Most people probably are happy is they use global profiles, but depending on what you want all the other options might be interesting too. smile

Cu Selur