Topic: [Info] Hybrid and threading,..

Hybrid has a number of options regarding threads used in different parts of the processing:

  • x264 has:

    • x264->Main->General Settings->Threads

    • x264->Rate Control->Rate COntrol Settings->Lookahead threads

  • LAV-Threads can be modified under: Config->Input->General Settings->FFmpeg/MEncoder threads

  • threading in sox can be dis-/enabled under: Config->Internals->Handling->Multithreading for sox

  • with the avisynthExtension installed, there is also:

    • Avisynth threading support Filtering->Avisynth->Misc->Misc->MT-Threads
      and Filtering->Avisynth->Misc->Misc->Disable MT

    • FFmpegSource2 threading can be dis-/enabled: Filtering->Avisynth->Misc->FFmpegSource single-thread

    • Some of the Avisynth filters have additional options for threading