Topic: Known - 'permanent' - issues/limitaitons

Here I list all the issues I know of, but for which I don't have a solution at:

  • Windows:

    • Installer creates Desktop icon for all users (on Vista and later, works on Windows XP)
      Seems to be a NSIS bug, since the installer script says to only create it for the current user.

    • Hybrid does not support Avisynth scripts as input which use old plugins which no longer work with Avisynth 2.6

  • Mac:

    • Hybrid doesn't respond to some of Mac OS Xs menu/dock activities
      Seems to be a Qt framework bug.

    • Old versions of: mencoder, mplayer, kvazaar, problem is nobody seems to build these and share them publicly and I can't get them to compile with all their dependencies on my old Mac OS X 10.6.8

  • Linux:

    • Unity System Tray Icon wrong position, workaround is to install appmenu-qt/appmenu-qt5 here

  • All OSs.:

  • Virtual Box and Ubuntu:

    • since Virtual Box doesn't completely support open gl you might have to call 'export LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1' before starting Hybrid

Cu Selur