Topic: H.265/HEVC Royalty Rates are released (July 22th 2015),...

see: http://hevcadvance.com/pdf/RoyaltyRatesSummary.pdf

What I find disturbing about this:
a. no free range like there was with H.264 (see: http://www.mpegla.com/main/programs/avc … vcweb.pdf)
-> as content provider/service '0.5% of Attributable Revenues' have to be paid and seeing that you have to pay for software decoders&co, quite a bit as soon as 'Main 10' support is included I'm wondering if they will 'attack' hobby tool developers which incorporate x265, libav, etc. ,....

I hope not. I really hope that the (hopefully) bad publicity this would bring them isn't worth the effort, but we will see.

b. the prices did increase quite a bit compared to H.264.

Cu Selur